Thursday, April 23, 2009

Learn Any Language Easy

"We have strong evidence today that studying a foreign language has a ripple effect, helping to improve student performance in other subjects." - Richard Riley, U.S. Secretary of Education under Bill Clinton

One of the biggest regrets of my k-12 education is that I received little knowledge of other languages. Sure in elementary school we'd study the numbers and colors in the language of the culture we were studying, but it wasn't much. In our school district you start languages classes in high school. Being a small school we only had 3 languages course to choose from. I chose Latin because I was thinking about going into veterinary medicine. Well like most students at my school I only took the minimum 2 years of it. This was mainly because I didn't like it because we had 3 teachers in those 2 years and I had better uses of my time, or so I thought.

Like I said I really really wish I had learned languages much earlier in life. Cartoons and other kid shows do teach you numbers and stuff, thanks to those shows I still know 1-10 in Spanish. But I've always had the goal of traveling the world. Not knowing the languages of the countries I visit makes the trip much more stressful, unsafe and more of a hassle than a vacation. So I went on a crusade to find fun and easy ways to learn languages easy.

This blog is my way of sharing all this information with you. In our day and age traveling is much more common than it was 100 years ago, and people are actually moving to other countries more and more. Immigrants in the US have made Spanish the second most spoken language in the country! Now is the time to jump on & hold on tight, learn as much as you can because you only live once!

This is how I learned to
Speak Spanish

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